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HS Management is an Actors' Agency and Management space, quietly launched by actress and multi-creative Holly Shanahan in late 2020, representing new and established actors in Aotearoa New Zealand, and Australia.

Sprouting from the seeds of Holly's extensive work in acting, agenting, directing, producing and acting coaching (and the rest!) HS now represents some of the best new artists in Aotearoa.

With an eye for a sparkle, a love for good people, and a passion for actors with depth, joy and courage, Holly believes in actor management that is truly personal. We are an Actors' Agency grounded in kindness and generosity of spirit. We practise it, and strive to work from the heart (because hey, we all know this business is brutal enough as it is).

HS has an in-depth knowledge of our clients, and a wide network of casting and producer relationships across Australasia. Whether you are; an actor looking for management with a bold, modern outlook; a Casting Director on the hunt for exceptional talent; or just want to know what our HS whānau is about. Reach out. We would love to hear from you.


HOLLY SHANAHAN is an award winning actress with over twenty years experience in multiple facets of the film, television and theatre industry. With over 100 professional credits to her name across NZ and Australia, Holly brings an in-depth understanding of acting and an actor's life to her work.


Alongside this, Holly brings a wealth of experience from the other side of this lens; having been a Talent Agent on both sides of the Tasman, a film producer, crew member and coordinator, casting assistant, theatre director, and most recently establishing an independent drama school coaching young actors in screen and theatre.

The thrill of booking an actor the job, and getting them the right deal, is unlike anything else. I LOVE new faces. I LOVE developing established and mid-career talent in their work. I believe in management that is approached with kindness and passion, grounded in strong relationships with my actors, casting directors and production. My mentors in the industry modelled this, and I hope to pass down a legacy of goodness in a world, and an industry, where we need it more than ever. xh

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